__Torybri DSC02121 DSC02176 Several of my male friends that wear ballet flats are in love with the Sam Edelman Felicia flats.  Here’s a picture of a friend of mine who refers to himself as PinkPanther trying on a pair of “super FAB”  hot pink Sam Edelman flats. DSC03782 dsc08220 image 101_3102 dsc08477 dsc06463 dsc08804   dsc08395 <img class=”alignnone size-medium wp-image-550″ s</a>rc=”https://davisbe.files.wordpress.com/2017/03/image2-4.jpg?w=218″ alt=”” width=”218″ height=”300″ />   _     _  


11 thoughts on “Bri’s Nile blue Tory Burch Reva flats

    1. davisbe Post author

      Hi Diana and Tess. I have mixed feelings about the new Reva design without the elastic or scrunchy part around the heel. I have 2 pairs of the new Revas as opposed to 11 pairs of the old elastic Revas. On the positive the new Revas are comfy right out of the box and seem to require no breaking in. On the negative side, sizing becomes critical. I always found the elastic held my heel firmly in place but with my new Revas I sometime feel my heel wants to slip out. I had heard the Tory Burch made the change to the non elastic heel cuz too many women (or men) found it would dig into their heel or force their foot forward and hurt their toes or the top of their foot. There are also lots of women (or men, like myself) that don’t 100% like the change. Time will tell. Have you tried the new Revas?

      Thanks for writing.



      1. Diana and Tess

        I have a couple of pairs of them actually and found that I needed to go two sizes down. The biggest draw back for me is I actually like the elastic back I find that once you break them in the back becomes buttery. I’m very disappointed that she finds the need to change well the shoe that made her a household name. You can’t change an icon, I hope they reissue them eventually. I also do not like the toe cleve that I’ve experienced with the new revas. As of right now i’m stocking up the old revas on sites like nordstroms and shopbpo.


  1. davisbe Post author

    Diana and Tess. THANK YOU for saying that. Holly, two sizes down in the new Revas???

    I have the same feelings. I like the elastic back. My very first pair of Revas with the elastic back are my most comfy. The following 10 pair are too. Like you said, “Butter” I now have 2 pair of new Revas and they are just OK for comfort. If they weren’t Tory they would be Not be OK. But they do feel like they could slip off my heel at anytime.

    Stock up as require cuz it may be awhile before the elastic comes back


    1. Georgep

      I just bought a pair of the new revas in black. I can say that the fit is much roomier however I am not sure how I feel about the cleavage as well. I am giving it a couple of days to break them in but I think the older design was much softer and more comfortable once broken in. I love Tory flats though so I am dedicated to finding a right fit!


      1. davisbe Post author

        Hi Georgep. Thanks for your comments. I have one pair of the new non elastic Revas and one pair of the non elastic Serenas (which are basically Revas with a toe cap) and I agree. They feel much roomier. They basically need very little breaking in and are more comfy right out of the box compared to the elastic Revas. But over time when the elastic Revas are broken in they do feel like “butter” Most of my super comfy Reva flats all have the elastic.

        Talking with one of my Tory Burch consultants I found out that lots of women had voiced concerns about the elastic and the discomfort it caused and that’s why Tory changed to the non elastic design. Here’s the funny part, I’ve talked to as well as seen lots of women who don’t like the new design and are seeking out the old elastic Revas if they can find them.
        I guess sometimes you just can’t win.

        I hope yours work out for you. They are an investment so it is best to find the right fit.

        Thanks for stopping by and please let me know how they work out for you.


    1. davisbe Post author

      Thanks. Blue has always been my favorite colour so it’s shouldn’t be any kind of surprise I have 6 pairs of various shades of blue Tory’s. That might be a good idea for my next post. I’ll showcase my blue Tory flats collection. THANKS 🙂


    1. ToryBri Post author

      Ahh, Thanks Carmen. Blue has always been my favorite colour so it’s no surprise I have lots of blue shirts. After getting a few pairs of the classic black Tory’s I decided it was time to get a few pairs of blue flats as well.

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