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Awesomeness creates happiness

On April 10 I was super happy, the next day I was leaving for a 20 day vacation in Arizona. I was working afternoon/evening shift and thankfully my lead assigned me the nightly checks on the airplane I would be flying out on in the morning. The airplane was 100% good to go. Sadly there was some issues with the pilots documents which are beyond my control that weren’t up to snuff. I still can’t believe this was my problem but apparently it was. Finally at 2:00 am the issues were solve and I left for home. Only to be back to the airport as a passenger in 4 1/2 hours. Needless to say I didn’t sleep and was run down. Thankfully the awesomeness kicked in. My great flight attendant on the flight down to AZ ensured I was comfy for my sleep for the first 1 1/2 but also gave me a stiff drink before we landed, actually 2. I was next met by my awesome bro and M+D at the airport. I spent the next week with family, friends and very new friends. Again complete awesomeness. Sadly the snowbirds including my Mom and Dad left later in the week. BUT if you look there  are amazing people everywhere. The few locals or neighbours, the Starbucks girls, my TB sales girls and of course my online friends who I’ve never met face to face but I’m close to. I guess the whole point is its easy to find a positive everywhere. I never say anything negative. If things are bad I always find a positive. I hope this makes sense and Is not just one on my quirky habits. It’s just what I like to do.  I  Hope everyone is well and happy.  Just wanted so send out some positive vibes.




Tory Burch Minnie travel ballet flats

My favourite designer, Tory  Burch has created a new twist on her classic Reva flats.  They are called the Minnie travel ballet flats.  They look just like her iconic Revas but that’s where it ends.  The nappa leather leather used on the uppers is much softer and less structured than that used on the Revas making it very foot friendly. The  soles are like pillows for your feet.  Dare I say it feels like you’re floating on air. The Tory medallions on the toes are still metal but come in the same basic tonal colour as the flat itself. If you’ve every heard of Tieks flats, these Minnie flats are quite similar but with a Tory twist.  They are called travel flats cuz they’re made to be folded up and put in your handbag or purse, just like Tieks. I don’t think I’ll  ever do that with mine and besides, only on certain occasions do I carry a purse. The first pair of these I bought were the Laguna blue ones. These were given two thumbs up by my close friend Jen.  While buying them the gunmetal pair also caught my eye.  I think they appealed to me cuz that’s the colour of my little Honda Accord coupe. These first two pairs were bought at the TB boutique in Scottsdale in March while on vacation.  Shortly after I got home from that vacation my local TB sales associate put a gold pair aside for me to try.  I guess the picture will tell you if I bought them or not. Haha.  The gunmetal pair has a certain iridescent look to them in certain lighting conditions.  So does the gold pair but in the direct sunlight the gold pair just POP’s with all the colours of the rainbow.  I likely won’t get the green or red pair but if they are every made in black. Count me in, sign me up or let me at them.  So far the online reviews are good.  Most women (or men) find the Revas need some breaking in.  The Minnie are comfy right out of the box.  If your a fan of Tory flats you need to try a pair of these. image image image imageDSC06177 DSC06199DSC06303DSC06557 image image image image image image DSC07132DSC07143


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