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Are they the same colour or totally different?


If you love shoes you likely have multiple pairs of the common basic colours and also your favourite colours. Common basic colours like black, brown or tan and favourite colours are any colour in the rainbow that catch your eye. You know the old shoe lovers saying, “one pair is good, two pairs is too many, and three pairs is not enough.” You’ve likely also heard, “how many pairs of black shoes do you need?” The comeback is, “yes, there black but in my eyes they are different.” Other than the fact I’m way overdue to add another post to my blog, this made me think about a pair of flats I purchased. Are they the same as a pair I already have or are they totally different? I’m not talking about my basic colour or my favourite coloured flats in my Tory collection. I’m referring to colours that are a bit outside my comfort zone. You know the pinks, yellows and golds. These colours can be worn by a women and no one thinks twice but when worn by a guy, eyebrows might be raised. Let’s go back a bit. In March 2015 I bought my first pair of the TB Minnie travel flats and I could sense another collection would be forming. In April 2015 my local Tory Burch sales associate called me to say she had the perfect pair of Minnie’s on hold for me? She wouldn’t say anything else but insisted I needed them to continue evolving the new personal style we both wanted to create for me. I was a bit surprised at the colour but I valued her opinion cuz she knew what would work for me. So metallic gold it was and a comfort zone I was looking to embrace. Now, one year later, Tory is still making the Minnie flats in so many amazing colours. There was a silver pairs that caught my eye so I contacted my Scottsdale Az TB sales associate. She put them on hold for me but also suggested I might like the pearlized gold better. Wait a second, I already have a gold pair. That’s when all this all started. The day I went to try them on my Scottsdale TB SA was wearing her metallic gold Minnie and we compared them to the pearlized gold Minnie. The metallic gold have a holographic look to them and pearlized one are more platinum Ok so after all this blah blah blah both pairs are gold but are totally different. Thanks for reading, hugs Now sit back and enjoy the TB Minnie gold fashion show. Metallic gold Minnie flats. image   image image   DSC05738 Pearlized gold Minnie flats image image image  DSC07515_2