Tory Burch Jolie flats

Recently a new style of Tory Burch flats showed up on her website.    The style name is Jolie.  After a quick glance they looked to be a slightly different version of her popular Caroline style.  And while they do look similar, they are quite different.  Here is my side by side comparison of the two styles.

TB Jolie on the left and TB Caroline on the right.



Both styles have the elastic band around the foot opening which (for me) adds a feeling of comfort.  


The first thing I noticed was the sole materials.  The Carolines have a leather type sole and the Jolies have a more man made almost plastic type sole.  Both pairs seem to have good traction on all the different surfaces I walk on. 

The foot opening of the Jolies is lower cut than the Carolines.  It’s almost low enough to reveal some toe cleavage.

The Jolies have a slightly tapered toe where the Caroline is more rounded.

The Carolines have the same material for the entire shoe.  It can be leather or patent. The Jolies have a mix of material. Most of the shoe is leather but it has a cute patent top cap.

The Tory medallion on the Carolines is ones she has used for years, the Jolies is a fairly new version of her double “T” logo.

The biggest difference is the colour.  The Carolines are called Camellia Pink which is more of a nude colour.  The Jolies are called Clay Pink which is a soft feminine shade of pink.


When I brought the Jolies home from the Tory Burch boutique I was so excited about this new Tory style.  My excitement soon changed to a feeling of uncertainty because of the colour.  They’re PINK.  I can’t wear PINK.  Thankfully my good friend, pen pal and fellow blogger Carmen assured me that this colour would be fine for me.  She used the reference of a male flamingo.  Male flamingos are pink so why shouldn’t guys feel comfortable wearing pink?   Carmen has been a great supporter of ballet flats being worn by anyone that likes them and the fact these ones are a feminine shade of pink makes them all the more perfect for me.  


For those of you that don’t know Carmen she is a youthful lady with a positive outlook on life.  The kind of person I’m proud to call a friend.

Now convinced that these flats would work for me I took them to the street for my daily adventures and errands.









After several outing I quickly realize how easy this clay pink colour was to wear and pair with my daily wardrobe.  And while the clay pink colour is feminine it’s not real bright like some of  my new patent TB Minnie’s.

Emerald green patent Minnie’s


Chicory blue patent Minnie’s


Super bright white patent Minnie’s




20 thoughts on “Tory Burch Jolie flats

  1. carmen

    Great post Bri and thank you for quoting me about pink flamingos! Truly, colours are for everyone to enjoy and you have a fabulous collection of colourful flats! But do you have leopard print? As you know, I am against wearing fur and cruelty to animals, but I love leopard print. I have four pairs of flats and one pair are Crocs, great for summer rain.

    You look fantastic in all your outfits! I love the clay pink flats!

    Your flat pen-pal blogger friend 🙂

    ❤ carmen


    1. ToryBri Post author

      Hi Carmen. Thanks for stopping by. I love hearing your comments and kind words. You are such a sweetheart. Great collection of non cruel leopard flats. I’ve never seen a pair of leopard print flats made by Tory. I do have some snake print Tory flats but I don’t think they’re real snakeskin. I applaud you for being kind and protecting our animal friends.
      Thanks for your kind words about my new clay pink flats. They are my current favourite flats right now. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. ivanev

    Hi Bri,
    Love those jolies ballerines (beautiful ballet flats !!) They match wonderful with your skin tone and you look awesome in all your outfits. My favorites are the one where you wear gry shorts and the with the dark jeans. As Carmen said colors are for everybody same for flats and any kind of garment. Pink looks great on you. You should try these flats with black pants and a light colored shirt or with capris. The emerald flats are really cute, but now the TB’s flats’ prices are gone to the skies, that I can’t afford them for the moment, hope eBay will have some in my size soon at good price 😉

    I recently got a pair of Frye slip on flats in brown orange and they are so comfty, kind of unisex style and love the color and a pair of Anne Klein sport bow flats in black suggested by our good friend Katie that I wear at my office with slack pants; I will check some flats with leopard prints but most of them are made with hair calf .

    If Carmen has any brand suggestions for leopard flats that are cute, comfty and affordable, it would be great and appreciated 😉 Have a nice day Bri !!


    1. ToryBri Post author

      Hey Ivan. Great to hear from you. Glad you’ve treated yourself to a pair of Frye flats and a pair of Anne Klein flats. They both sound wonderful. I can’t wait to see you post about them on your blog.

      As you can see from the picture Carmen included, she has some amazing leopard flats. Maybe we both need some leopard in our life, haha.

      Thanks for your nice words about my new pink Jolie flats. I like how they pair with those grey shorts. When I was buying those grey shorts this Spring I never imagined I’d have a cute pair of pink flats to wear with them.

      Have a great weekend my flats wearing friend.


  3. Tracy L

    Hi! I just want to drop by because I found your page while I was looking for outfits for my new Lowell sandal! Anyway, I love your blog! 🙂 Tracy from California

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ToryBri Post author

      Hi Tracy from California. 🙂 Glad you found my page while searching about outfits for your Lowell sandals. You likely noticed I don’t have any Lowell sandals but I do have 3 pairs of Lowell flats. I love the Tory medallion on the Lowell’s. It’s unique and completely different than her Reva or Caroline medallion.

      Great big Thanks for stopping by, please stop by anytime and feel free to share your outfits.

      Bri 🙂

      Here’s my Lowell flats collection.


    1. ToryBri Post author

      Nout, I’m with you, I love the subtle pink. Another thing I like about them is there are 3 distinct textures, the pink leather, the pink patent toe-cap and the pink elastic around the foot opening but they’re all the same soft shade of pink.

      Most guys would be mortified if someone told them a pair of pink flats looked great on them, but your kind words mean the world to me, thanks 🙂


  4. krissy08

    Bri, the pink color works so well with your skin tone! You definitely pull it off! I have a similar colored pair though I got it from Ferragamo and I love it as well.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Brian

      Thanks for your kind words Krissy. After I bought these pink flats I thought to myself, “What was I thinking? I just bought PINK flats!” But after wearing them a few times I realized they aren’t super bright but rather a soft shade of pink that sorta blends in. You Ferragamos sound wonderful as well, I’d love to try a pair someday. After buying these clay pink flats I did treat myself to a brighter pair of pink Tory flats. These are my dark peony (pink) Tory Minnie travel flats.

      Thanks for stopping by Krissy. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. krissy08

        Oh, I love those as well! There is a yearend sale here and I spied a couple of TB wedges and dresses. I think I’ll go see if I can score some great deals tomorrow.

        Liked by 2 people

  5. Karie

    Great post- the clay pink works well for your skin tone and I love the way you worked them into your wardrobe. I fell in love with the Jolie style and initially wanted french gray, but waited too long (they sold out) and opted for the clay pink. I love them, but my one complaint is that they didn’t wear well (quick to scuff and scratch). How did your pair hold up?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ToryBri Post author

      Hi Karie, thanks for stopping by and leaving you’re kind words. I was worried about wearing this clay pink colour but after seeing how it looks against my skin tone it wasn’t a problem. I saw the French gray Jolie’s at the TB boutique, they looked gorgeous. I thought about getting a pair but like you, I waited to long. I did get the two toned Tory beige and black Jolie’s. Have you seen them?

      Sorry to hear your pair has not worn well. I can see how the patent toe cap or the soft leather uppers could get scuffed and scratched but I haven’t had any issues like that yet. The leather used for the upper part of these cute Jolie flats is not as thick or durable as the leather used on the TB Reva flats. I was concerned about the material used for the soles of the Jolie’s but after a few wears I stopped worrying. The soles seemed almost plastic coated like and that plastic type material wore away very quick. I was super nervous but the material underneath is a similar material the to soles of my TB Caroline flats.

      I guess I should ask. Is it the uppers that got scuffed and scratched or was it the soles that you were concerned with?



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