My Fall Cardigans from Tory

Fall officially started a month ago but the fall weather in my part of the world started even sooner than that.  But with the cooler weather I’m able to wear my AMAZING Tory sweaters pair with some of my other AMAZING Tory items.

Here’s just a few looks.  Sorry for the short post but please enjoy.

This sweater is from last year but these super cute two toned TB Jolie flats are quite new





Same sweater with my royal tan tumbled leather Revas


Here’s my new Contraire Bomber sweater.



See I told you fall/winter has come early.  That’s snow in this picture.






12 thoughts on “My Fall Cardigans from Tory

  1. carmen

    A lovely autumnal look Bri, both sweaters are perfect for fall. I hope that’s a faux fur collar. I love faux fur because it has the look without cruelty. 🙂

    OMGoodness!! SNOW?? We’ve been enjoying a pleasant autumn, but that’s changing like the leaves, hope we don’t see snow till Christmas!

    Have a great weekend!

    ❤ carmen


    1. ToryBri Post author

      Glad you like both sweaters, that makes two of us. 100% faux fur on the collar of the one sweater and also 100% cozy.

      Yes we had a small blip of snow but things are back to normal fall weather. Glad you are enjoying the warm fall. It must be nice living so far South.

      You have a great weekend to.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. ivanev

    Hi Bri,

    You look awesome in your cardigans along those cute flats. Your cardigans look warm and cozy maybe I will consider to get one from TB, or even a pair of elegant boots like your. Wooow!!Snow arrived too early at your place, here we have cold rainy days and some snow flakes in the morning so I am wearing my rain boots outdoors and my flats indoors !! Thanks for sharing and have a nice weekend !



    1. ToryBri Post author

      Thanks for stopping by Ivan. The snow never stayed, it was just a quick warning from Mother Nature that it’s not far off. It won’t be long before we’re both only wearing our flats inside. 😦


    1. ToryBri Post author

      Hi Nout. Glad you like the colour block sweater. It’s one of my favourite Tory investment pieces. I get so many nice comments about it so let me say “thanks” to you too. 🙂


    1. ToryBri Post author

      Ho Lorna. I agree with you, that colour block Merino sweater from Tory not only looks great it is soooo cozy to wear. Perfect for fall in Canada.
      Thanks for stopping by.



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