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Summer Sandals Season Tory Style

For the first time in many years my part of the world is having a warm Summer. This warmer than normal Summer also pairs perfect with some of my latest Tory purchases. I already had a collection of Tory Burch Miller sandals that most women (or men) would love to own but since Spring I’ve added “a few” more pairs of iconic Miller sandals to my collection. Back in April 2014 I bought my first pair of Miller sandals, they were the black leather ones which are still very popular with women (and men) today. By July 2015 my collection looked like this and I felt my Miller collection was complete.

In the spring of 2017 Tory released some eye popping colours for her iconic Miller sandals. It wasn’t long before my amazing Tory sales girls were sending me emails, texts and pictures of the fun new colours. So far 2017 has been “The Year of the Miller.” It started while on vacation in Arizona. My visit to the Scottsdale TB boutique saw my coming home with these neon yellow and neon pink Millers. You might want to grab your sunglasses.

Soon after that vacation my Calgary TB sales girl sent a text showing me the neon green and navy and white stripes. By Spring 2017 my collection looked like this. Again, a Miller collection most women or men would love to have.

A few weeks later another text from my TB sales girl. I’m invited as a VIP guest to the 30% off TB Friends & Family sale.


The weekend of the sale my former Tory sales girl and I went for lunch then stopped by the boutique. Some new colours Millers had just arrived and I get 30% of them.


Again two more pairs caught my eye. The leopard trend is big this year so naturally these pair came home right away.

This pair also caught my eye but the Calgary boutique never received my size and from the computer inventory none of the TB boutiques in Canada received a 10.5. I did try on the size 9 that they did have in stock and it looked amazing on my foot. This metallic Rosa colour is hard to capture in a picture but this will give you an idea.

A few day later the a size 10.5 Rosa Millers did show up at the Toronto TB boutique and they were quickly transfered to the Calgary boutique. This pair of 10.5’s was the only pair the Canadian boutiques were getting so I guess I’m the lucky guy that is going to get them. These Rosa coloured Millers are so new they didn’t make it into my Miller collection picture.

I hope everyone is having a great Summer.

Please be safe.