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imageToday is my Four Year Toryversary. If your thinking, “what the heck am I talking about.” You’re likely not the only one. What it really means is 4 years ago today (November 23, 2011) I went in search of my first pair of the iconic Tory Burch Reva flats. I still remember it well. I stopped by all the retailers that carried them in the Scottsdale Fashion Square ( or Plaza as it was called back then ) Both Nordstroms and Neimum Marcus had the Revas but I decided to go see the selection at the Tory Burch boutique. Four years ago I would have never imagine how good this decision was going to be. Four years later I’ve created a great collection of Tory products but even more special is the relationships I made with some of the Tory Burch sale associates and other Tory Burch fans and friends like YOU, people who are reading this. You all are wonderful and it means the world to me. Thanks and I love you all. Bri Tory flats, Tory belt in front of the Tory Boutique image