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Last day in the Forties

One thing I’ve learned about life is you can’t stop from getting older. But on a good note everyday it is great to get one day older than you were the day before. Ever year on Remembrance Day (Veterans Day in the USA) I think of all the people who gave the ultimate sacrifice of their own life. Only to wake up the next day to celebrate the anniversary my own life. What an amazing gift it has been. But today is the last day of my life in the 40’s. Tomorrow I enter a new decade. The big 50. HOLLY CRAP, where did the time go? My answer can only be, WOW it’s been great. But life is short and so since “finding myself” a few years ago I plan on enjoying every minute of my gift. I don’t feel my age and most days don’t act it. haha This past year I was told I have the women’s version of breast cancer.  For men it’s called prostate cancer.  I was also told I have colon cancer.  After the tests result came back I was CANCER free on all accounts.  What a scare.  All the more reason to enjoy life. I celebrate in my pink Breast Cancer Tory Burch Eddie flats.


I hope everyone has a great day and enjoys the day they are living. IT IS A GIFT. DSC00312 image image image image image image   image DSC04383DSC06804