Are they the same colour or totally different?


If you love shoes you likely have multiple pairs of the common basic colours and also your favourite colours. Common basic colours like black, brown or tan and favourite colours are any colour in the rainbow that catch your eye. You know the old shoe lovers saying, “one pair is good, two pairs is too many, and three pairs is not enough.” You’ve likely also heard, “how many pairs of black shoes do you need?” The comeback is, “yes, there black but in my eyes they are different.” Other than the fact I’m way overdue to add another post to my blog, this made me think about a pair of flats I purchased. Are they the same as a pair I already have or are they totally different? I’m not talking about my basic colour or my favourite coloured flats in my Tory collection. I’m referring to colours that are a bit outside my comfort zone. You know the pinks, yellows and golds. These colours can be worn by a women and no one thinks twice but when worn by a guy, eyebrows might be raised. Let’s go back a bit. In March 2015 I bought my first pair of the TB Minnie travel flats and I could sense another collection would be forming. In April 2015 my local Tory Burch sales associate called me to say she had the perfect pair of Minnie’s on hold for me? She wouldn’t say anything else but insisted I needed them to continue evolving the new personal style we both wanted to create for me. I was a bit surprised at the colour but I valued her opinion cuz she knew what would work for me. So metallic gold it was and a comfort zone I was looking to embrace. Now, one year later, Tory is still making the Minnie flats in so many amazing colours. There was a silver pairs that caught my eye so I contacted my Scottsdale Az TB sales associate. She put them on hold for me but also suggested I might like the pearlized gold better. Wait a second, I already have a gold pair. That’s when all this all started. The day I went to try them on my Scottsdale TB SA was wearing her metallic gold Minnie and we compared them to the pearlized gold Minnie. The metallic gold have a holographic look to them and pearlized one are more platinum Ok so after all this blah blah blah both pairs are gold but are totally different. Thanks for reading, hugs Now sit back and enjoy the TB Minnie gold fashion show. Metallic gold Minnie flats. image   image image   DSC05738 Pearlized gold Minnie flats image image image  DSC07515_2





imageToday is my Four Year Toryversary. If your thinking, “what the heck am I talking about.” You’re likely not the only one. What it really means is 4 years ago today (November 23, 2011) I went in search of my first pair of the iconic Tory Burch Reva flats. I still remember it well. I stopped by all the retailers that carried them in the Scottsdale Fashion Square ( or Plaza as it was called back then ) Both Nordstroms and Neimum Marcus had the Revas but I decided to go see the selection at the Tory Burch boutique. Four years ago I would have never imagine how good this decision was going to be. Four years later I’ve created a great collection of Tory products but even more special is the relationships I made with some of the Tory Burch sale associates and other Tory Burch fans and friends like YOU, people who are reading this. You all are wonderful and it means the world to me. Thanks and I love you all. Bri Tory flats, Tory belt in front of the Tory Boutique image


Awesomeness creates happiness

On April 10 I was super happy, the next day I was leaving for a 20 day vacation in Arizona. I was working afternoon/evening shift and thankfully my lead assigned me the nightly checks on the airplane I would be flying out on in the morning. The airplane was 100% good to go. Sadly there was some issues with the pilots documents which are beyond my control that weren’t up to snuff. I still can’t believe this was my problem but apparently it was. Finally at 2:00 am the issues were solve and I left for home. Only to be back to the airport as a passenger in 4 1/2 hours. Needless to say I didn’t sleep and was run down. Thankfully the awesomeness kicked in. My great flight attendant on the flight down to AZ ensured I was comfy for my sleep for the first 1 1/2 but also gave me a stiff drink before we landed, actually 2. I was next met by my awesome bro and M+D at the airport. I spent the next week with family, friends and very new friends. Again complete awesomeness. Sadly the snowbirds including my Mom and Dad left later in the week. BUT if you look there  are amazing people everywhere. The few locals or neighbours, the Starbucks girls, my TB sales girls and of course my online friends who I’ve never met face to face but I’m close to. I guess the whole point is its easy to find a positive everywhere. I never say anything negative. If things are bad I always find a positive. I hope this makes sense and Is not just one on my quirky habits. It’s just what I like to do.  I  Hope everyone is well and happy.  Just wanted so send out some positive vibes.



Tory Burch Minnie travel ballet flats

My favourite designer, Tory  Burch has created a new twist on her classic Reva flats.  They are called the Minnie travel ballet flats.  They look just like her iconic Revas but that’s where it ends.  The nappa leather leather used on the uppers is much softer and less structured than that used on the Revas making it very foot friendly. The  soles are like pillows for your feet.  Dare I say it feels like you’re floating on air. The Tory medallions on the toes are still metal but come in the same basic tonal colour as the flat itself. If you’ve every heard of Tieks flats, these Minnie flats are quite similar but with a Tory twist.  They are called travel flats cuz they’re made to be folded up and put in your handbag or purse, just like Tieks. I don’t think I’ll  ever do that with mine and besides, only on certain occasions do I carry a purse. The first pair of these I bought were the Laguna blue ones. These were given two thumbs up by my close friend Jen.  While buying them the gunmetal pair also caught my eye.  I think they appealed to me cuz that’s the colour of my little Honda Accord coupe. These first two pairs were bought at the TB boutique in Scottsdale in March while on vacation.  Shortly after I got home from that vacation my local TB sales associate put a gold pair aside for me to try.  I guess the picture will tell you if I bought them or not. Haha.  The gunmetal pair has a certain iridescent look to them in certain lighting conditions.  So does the gold pair but in the direct sunlight the gold pair just POP’s with all the colours of the rainbow.  I likely won’t get the green or red pair but if they are every made in black. Count me in, sign me up or let me at them.  So far the online reviews are good.  Most women (or men) find the Revas need some breaking in.  The Minnie are comfy right out of the box.  If your a fan of Tory flats you need to try a pair of these. image image image imageDSC06177 DSC06199DSC06303DSC06557 image image image image image image DSC07132DSC07143


image image image image DSC06113DSC06197 DSC06173DSC06301 DSC06207DSC06377DSC06566 imageimage DSC07302   DSC07351 image image image


Ivory Tory Burch Lowell flats

Went I first saw the Tory Burch Lowell flats show up on the Tory Burch website I knew I was going to get a pair someday. I didn’t expect that day to come so quick. They come in six amazing colour but the ones that caught my eye first were the ivory coloured ones. Likely because I already have lots of black, blue other fun colours but not very much in ivory or white. I’ve often stayed away from these tones because I didn’t always feel comfortable wearing them. Now since I’ve slowly been changing my personal style to become more feminine I think these will be perfect. One thing that has always drawn me towards Tory’s flats or sandals is her trademark logo. Whether it be the Revas, Carolines or Millers, she has put some unique version of her round trademark logo. What’s really fun and unique with these new Lowell’s is the non round version of her iconic brand double “T” logo. It’s similar to some of the ones she’s used on her clutches and purses. Let me introduce you to the Tory Burch Lowell. imageimage     image And of course, this is me wearing them. image   image image   image   image

What do you think of this new Lowell flat from Tory Burch?  

Pre Black Friday shopping

By now I’m sure everyone is aware I’m crazy in love with the Tory Burch brand. Mostly her iconic shoes and flats but also recently her boots. One other thing I love about Tory Burch is the customer service. Three years ago this week I took my first nervous steps into the Tory Burch boutique in Scottsdale Arizona. I was looking to buy myself a pair of her Reva flats. I was not sure what to expect for a reaction from the sales associates in this high end boutique with me, a guy, looking to buy a pair of these Reva flats for myself.  Long story short the sale associate and I became friends.   She wanted me to email her if there was anything I needed or just to say hello.  Sadly a few months after meeting her she was planning on making a career move and going to be leaving Tory Burch.  I still talk to her a couple times a year. One amazing thing she did for me before she left was pass me off to one of her coworkers who I now deal witH OK. I’m finally getting around to talking about what the title of this post is.  Pre Black Friday shopping.   My new sales associate in Scottsdale takes very good care of me.  So does my other amazing sales associate in my hometown of Calgary, who I will post about soon.  For the past two years my Scottsdale SA knows I’ll be in town and like to take advantage of the Black Friday sale.  Not wanting to see me have to “battle” the other crazy BF shoppers she wants me to come in before Black Friday so I can try on and find everything I might want.  On November 24th I did just that.  After trying on several different pairs of flats and boots I painstakingly narrow it don’t to just 2 pairs.  (I’m still on a budget 🙂  The two pairs I decided on were the classic black patent Carolines  and the almond colour Marlene riding boots. image image

i hope this doesn’t come off as sounding creepy but when I arrived at the Scottsdale Fashion Plaza I browsed around for sometime before stopping at the Tory Burch boutique.  During that time I notice three separate women that were wearing these exact Carolines and they looked amazing.  I think this effected my decision to get them.

  image   image image image   I was happy they had the boots in my size and they were also already on sale plus another 25% off for Black Friday.  What a deal.  I had only bought these same boots in black just a couple months earlier (also on sale) but because I live in a climate that is cold in the Winter, another pair of classic riding boots makes sense. image imageimage image   image DSC05244 To wrap it up, it seems there a lots of retail places starting there Black Friday sale on the Monday before US Thanksgiving.  For me this is great news.  While I think the craziness behind Black Friday is awesome, I don’t want to be part of it. i will be adding more pictures to this post of how I style both the boots and the flats. Are you doing any Black Friday shopping?

Last day in the Forties

One thing I’ve learned about life is you can’t stop from getting older. But on a good note everyday it is great to get one day older than you were the day before. Ever year on Remembrance Day (Veterans Day in the USA) I think of all the people who gave the ultimate sacrifice of their own life. Only to wake up the next day to celebrate the anniversary my own life. What an amazing gift it has been. But today is the last day of my life in the 40’s. Tomorrow I enter a new decade. The big 50. HOLLY CRAP, where did the time go? My answer can only be, WOW it’s been great. But life is short and so since “finding myself” a few years ago I plan on enjoying every minute of my gift. I don’t feel my age and most days don’t act it. haha This past year I was told I have the women’s version of breast cancer.  For men it’s called prostate cancer.  I was also told I have colon cancer.  After the tests result came back I was CANCER free on all accounts.  What a scare.  All the more reason to enjoy life. I celebrate in my pink Breast Cancer Tory Burch Eddie flats.


I hope everyone has a great day and enjoys the day they are living. IT IS A GIFT. DSC00312 image image image image image image   image DSC04383DSC06804