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Are you sitting down?

Are you sitting down?

No don’t get to excited, I’m not getting married.  But I do have some exciting shoe relate news.  For the past 5 years I’ve only been purchasing shoes from Tory Burch.  Recently a friend and fellow shoe fanatic from my home town issued me a challenge.  Lets refer to her as “J”.  She challenged me to broaden my horizons and try different brands of shoes so we referred to it as my “Non Tory” shoe challenge.  In other words, try another brand for shoes or flats (dummy)  There’s nothing wrong with Tory but there are so many other great flats and shoe designers I’m neglecting.

Very recently a style expert, named Bridgette, from New York who’s blog I also follow informed me she was asked to do a review on a pair of flats from a company called Sabrinas.  Ever heard of the Sabrinas brand?  Here’s a link to the Sabrinas flats she was asked to review, the style name is London;                                          http://bridgetteraes.com/2016/10/17/sabrinas-ballerina-flats-review/#comment-2968731996

One thing I consider before acquiring new flats or shoes is, do they catch my eye.  My initial reaction to the colour, shape, material, and soles often determines if they make my “must have” list or “no thanks, I’ll pass.”  My initial feelings about the Sabrinas London flats after reading Bridgette’s review was “must have.” 

OK, so you’re likely wondering why do you need to be sitting down???

All the stars aligned and the next thing I knew I had my first pair of Sabrinas London flats, or should I say “Non Tory’s”  Shocking right!  OK, you can stand up now!


When I look down at them on my feet they are just as cute as any other pair of flats I own.  The colour, the shape of the toe and the suede material are all perfect.


I was a bit confused about the extreme comfort Bridgette talked about because the soles are not thick and chunky, they are sleek and thin.  After trying them on I quickly realized the         5 mm memory foam sole makes them comfy and the soft suede uppers makes them sturdy and supportive.  They look like cute ballet flats, but they feel like wear a pair of athletic shoes minus the laces


A quick note about the Sabrinas brand.  They are base in Spain but their products are available in the USA and some places in Canada.  (Bridgettes post lists several places where you can find Sabrinas in the USA) 

This was my first customer experience with the Sabrinas brand and I will rate it as excellent.  I normally shop in person for my shoes but these flats made there way to me in a very unique but different way.  Regardless of how they got to me, I’m rating the experience as excellent.

For an overall rating of these flats I will use many of the same words as Bridgette used to describe them in her post.  Supportive, sturdy, structured, stylish and stunning.  (That’s a lot of “S” words)  Maybe it would be easier if I just say Comfy and Cute.

To all women and men that are looking for a great pair of flats, you should seek out a pair of Sabrinas to try for yourself.  I’m giving them 2 thumbs up.




As a side note on comfort of these Sabrinas, I enjoy going for walks so yesterday instead of wearing a pair of sneakers, I worn my Sabrinas for my hour long walk.  It was pure comfort.