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2016 Tory Burch Minnie travel flats update (part 2)

This is going to be a quick Minnie collection update.  Since my last post I’ve only added one more pair of the Minnie’s but they need to be shown.  The best thing about this latest pair is they were already on sale, then 30% more off that.  Let’s just say they were to cheap to pass up.  And as for the colour…according to some experts say “white” is not a colour.  For having no colour these white Minnie’s certainly have a lots of “pop” to them.  Of course they aren’t just white, they’re patent white.  White shoes always have a “pop” or “fab” look to them when they’re new but as they get older they lose there brightness.  Because these are patent I expect they’ll be shiny and white for years and years.


These are my latest pair of TB Minnie travel flats.












2016 TB Minnie flats update

Here we are in the 5th month of 2016!  Where did the time go?  After a seemingly nonexistent Winter in Calgary and a warm Spring spent mostly in Arizona for a total of 5 weeks in March and then again in April, we are also experiencing a warmer than normal Spring in Calgary.  But I’m sure you’re not here for a weather recap of the first 5 months of 2016.  Lets move onto something more fun my friends.  That being my 2016 TB Minnie travel flats collection update.
2016  started off very slow in the flats department.  My first pair wasn’t purchased till March 3rd while on vacation in Arizona.  I tried these Shiraz coloured Minnie’s on last November at the TB Boutique in Scottsdale but passed on them at the time.  There was no way I was going to pass on them this trip.  YAY!  My first pair of Tory’s for 2016.
My next pair you’ve already seen in my last post.  They are the pearlized gold Minnie’s I bought during the first week of my April Arizona vacation.  Again from TB Scottsdale.
Next was a pair I’d had my eye on since I first saw them on the TB website in 2015.  They were the patent Olive coloured Minnie’ s.  These were an on-line item only and never in the TB boutiques.  I was worried the colour might be slightly different  than the picture on the website but had my TB SA order them any ways.  The Olive colour itself is either one you’ll go “ohhh lovely”  or go “OMG I wanna puke!”  When I went to the boutique to pick them up I was happy!  The colour match the website picture perfect.
Feeling my allowable Tory budget for this trip still had plenty room for another pair I looked at a couple other colours that caught my eye.  I liked the patent Emerald green and the patent Chicory blue.  While trying the Chicory blue (baby blue) ones on I looked down at them on my feet then looked to my TB SA and said.  OMG are these ever bright.  I slid the blue one off and tried on the Emerald green.  Sold!
The more I convince myself the Chicory blue ones weren’t a good colour for me, the more I wanted them.  Trying the baby blue coloured Minnie’s on in the boutique had the same feel as wearing pink flats or bright yellow flats.  They scream feminine.  As you likely know I have both a pink pair and a yellow pair of Tory’s.  I guess I can scream away in a blue pair also.
To increase the “fab” factor I paired them with white pants.
This is the entire Minnie collection as of today.
Thanks for reading, have a great day my friends.

Are they the same colour or totally different?


If you love shoes you likely have multiple pairs of the common basic colours and also your favourite colours. Common basic colours like black, brown or tan and favourite colours are any colour in the rainbow that catch your eye. You know the old shoe lovers saying, “one pair is good, two pairs is too many, and three pairs is not enough.” You’ve likely also heard, “how many pairs of black shoes do you need?” The comeback is, “yes, there black but in my eyes they are different.” Other than the fact I’m way overdue to add another post to my blog, this made me think about a pair of flats I purchased. Are they the same as a pair I already have or are they totally different? I’m not talking about my basic colour or my favourite coloured flats in my Tory collection. I’m referring to colours that are a bit outside my comfort zone. You know the pinks, yellows and golds. These colours can be worn by a women and no one thinks twice but when worn by a guy, eyebrows might be raised. Let’s go back a bit. In March 2015 I bought my first pair of the TB Minnie travel flats and I could sense another collection would be forming. In April 2015 my local Tory Burch sales associate called me to say she had the perfect pair of Minnie’s on hold for me? She wouldn’t say anything else but insisted I needed them to continue evolving the new personal style we both wanted to create for me. I was a bit surprised at the colour but I valued her opinion cuz she knew what would work for me. So metallic gold it was and a comfort zone I was looking to embrace. Now, one year later, Tory is still making the Minnie flats in so many amazing colours. There was a silver pairs that caught my eye so I contacted my Scottsdale Az TB sales associate. She put them on hold for me but also suggested I might like the pearlized gold better. Wait a second, I already have a gold pair. That’s when all this all started. The day I went to try them on my Scottsdale TB SA was wearing her metallic gold Minnie and we compared them to the pearlized gold Minnie. The metallic gold have a holographic look to them and pearlized one are more platinum Ok so after all this blah blah blah both pairs are gold but are totally different. Thanks for reading, hugs Now sit back and enjoy the TB Minnie gold fashion show. Metallic gold Minnie flats. image   image image   DSC05738 Pearlized gold Minnie flats image image image  DSC07515_2



My world is flat”s”

Everyone knows the world is round but a few years ago I made a change in my life and it became mostly flat, as in ballet flats.  I hope the fact that I’m male and these shoes are marketed for females doesn’t offend anyone.  I’m sorry if it does.   I’ve always admired the look of ballet flats on women and often thought I’d like to adopt the same look for myself in a unisex way.  In 1999 I bought my first pair of flats but was too nervous and embarrassed to wear them in public.  Several years later a supportive friend suggested it’s OK to wear what I want.  She too was a fan of ballet flats and we would go out wearing our flats together.  I still remember the first time I saw a women wearing a pair of the iconic Tory Burch Reva flats.  I thought to myself, “someday I’ll have a pair of those.”  Living in Canada there were very few places that sold the Tory Burch brand and so for years I could only dream about owning a pair.  During a Winter vacation in November 2011 in Scottsdale, Arizona I stopped by the Scottsdale Fashion Plaza (Now renamed to the Scottsdale Fashion Centre)  I stopped by places like Saks, Neimum Marcus, and Nordstroms.  They all carried the Tory Burch flats I wanted.  Centered between all these stores was a Tory Burch boutique.  I nervously walked in, looked around and asked if they had the black patent Revas in a size 10.  I think the sale associate  sensed they were for me, so when she came out with the box she asked if I’d like to try them on.  Wheew!  What a relief.  Sadly they were way to small.  After about 40 minutes and trying on several pairs I had my first pair of Tory flats. I still remember what my amazing sales associate said when I was paying for my Tory flats. I was VERY nervous but I thanked her for making me feel so comfortable while buying myself my first pair of Tory flats.  She replied, “at Tory Burch we think EVERYONE should be able to enjoy our great flats.”  And enjoy them I have. This is my first real post and I’m quite new at this so please bare with me.  I have read lots of awesome blogs and I felt it’s time to start sharing some of my thoughts and my always growing collection of Tory Burch flats.  In November 2011 I bought my first pair and today my collection includes the iconic Tory Burch Reva flats, the super comfy Tory Burch Eddie flats, some throw on and wear anywhere Tory Burch Caroline flats, a small collection of Tory Burch Miller sandals and a few others. Welcome to my world and my Tory Burch flats Tory Burch Reva flats collection


Tory Burch Caroline flats collection


Tory Burch Eddie flats collection


Tory Burch Miller sandals collection


Tory Burch Minnie flats


DSC06176 DSC06480




Of course me wearing them.

DSC03306 DSC03777 DSC03789DSC04087 image DSC03958DSC01493 DSC06306DSC02347   DSC04127 DSC04523DSC09108 DSC05339DSC05342 DSC02202_2 DSC05435DSC06028 DSC06120







<img class=”alignnone size-medium wp-image-420″ src=”https://davisbe.files.wordpress.com/2016/08/dsc06004.jpg?w=234″ alt=”


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