Summer Sandals Season Tory Style

For the first time in many years my part of the world is having a warm Summer. This warmer than normal Summer also pairs perfect with some of my latest Tory purchases. I already had a collection of Tory Burch Miller sandals that most women (or men) would love to own but since Spring I’ve added “a few” more pairs of iconic Miller sandals to my collection. Back in April 2014 I bought my first pair of Miller sandals, they were the black leather ones which are still very popular with women (and men) today. By July 2015 my collection looked like this and I felt my Miller collection was complete.

In the spring of 2017 Tory released some eye popping colours for her iconic Miller sandals. It wasn’t long before my amazing Tory sales girls were sending me emails, texts and pictures of the fun new colours. So far 2017 has been “The Year of the Miller.” It started while on vacation in Arizona. My visit to the Scottsdale TB boutique saw my coming home with these neon yellow and neon pink Millers. You might want to grab your sunglasses.

Soon after that vacation my Calgary TB sales girl sent a text showing me the neon green and navy and white stripes. By Spring 2017 my collection looked like this. Again, a Miller collection most women or men would love to have.

A few weeks later another text from my TB sales girl. I’m invited as a VIP guest to the 30% off TB Friends & Family sale.


The weekend of the sale my former Tory sales girl and I went for lunch then stopped by the boutique. Some new colours Millers had just arrived and I get 30% of them.


Again two more pairs caught my eye. The leopard trend is big this year so naturally these pair came home right away.

This pair also caught my eye but the Calgary boutique never received my size and from the computer inventory none of the TB boutiques in Canada received a 10.5. I did try on the size 9 that they did have in stock and it looked amazing on my foot. This metallic Rosa colour is hard to capture in a picture but this will give you an idea.

A few day later the a size 10.5 Rosa Millers did show up at the Toronto TB boutique and they were quickly transfered to the Calgary boutique. This pair of 10.5’s was the only pair the Canadian boutiques were getting so I guess I’m the lucky guy that is going to get them. These Rosa coloured Millers are so new they didn’t make it into my Miller collection picture.

I hope everyone is having a great Summer.

Please be safe.


Missed approach but here’s an update

Hi everyone.  Wow, where does the time go?  I’m way over due for another post and so many important dates have also passed.  Here’s a list of what I’ve missed.  My birthday 2016, Black Friday haul 2016, my 5 year Tory Burch anniversary, Christmas 2016 and blah blah blah, the list goes on.  Let me reassure you nothing has changed.  Other than being a bit older, I still am doing “what I love doing.”


Where to start.  Humm.  In November I had a great time in Arizona.  Yes that is a long time ago already, in fact I’m head back to AZ in a few days.  Ya time goes by fast.  Back to AZ from November for a second.  A very good friend of mine asked me to buy him a pair of Tieks.  Have you heard of these?  They are super cute flats that come in many colours and have those iconic teal blue soles.  He wanted the California blue ones.  OMG they are so cute and very versatile.  I know they look way better on him than me


Not wanting to feel left out I also did some shopping for myself. I bought these super feminine Tory Burch Gemini Link Minnie flats.  So cute, right!


2016 was the year of pink for me so I also added these Dark Peony (pink) Minnies.   It is so hard to capture the true colour of these flats but trust me, they are pink!



As I mentioned my friends Tieks were California blue so not wanting to feel left out I bought myself these navy TB Minnies.


When I got home from AZ Black Friday was over but I had spoken with my local Calgary TB SA during that time and did a bit of on-line over the phone shopping.  Yup you guessed it.  More TB’s items.

These fabulous tortoise flats.


And these AMAZING sunglasses.


The day I picked up my Calgary post Black Friday shopping items I went for a super lunch date with my TB SA and friends I was given this amazing Tory Burch purse/man bag.  Yes friends, I now carry a purse.



In fact, I’ve since bought myself a second purse.  This one was bought at MacCain.  Why MarcCain you ask?  That’s where my first Calgary TB sales girl works and while she still has my Tory interests in mind she also wants me to broaden my fashion sense.



Sorry for the long delay between posts.  Hope are my friends are well

2017 update – My first purchase of 2017 was these retro pink TB Minnie’s.  That’s right! Another pair of pink flats.

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Are you sitting down?

Are you sitting down?

No don’t get to excited, I’m not getting married.  But I do have some exciting shoe relate news.  For the past 5 years I’ve only been purchasing shoes from Tory Burch.  Recently a friend and fellow shoe fanatic from my home town issued me a challenge.  Lets refer to her as “J”.  She challenged me to broaden my horizons and try different brands of shoes so we referred to it as my “Non Tory” shoe challenge.  In other words, try another brand for shoes or flats (dummy)  There’s nothing wrong with Tory but there are so many other great flats and shoe designers I’m neglecting.

Very recently a style expert, named Bridgette, from New York who’s blog I also follow informed me she was asked to do a review on a pair of flats from a company called Sabrinas.  Ever heard of the Sabrinas brand?  Here’s a link to the Sabrinas flats she was asked to review, the style name is London;                                

One thing I consider before acquiring new flats or shoes is, do they catch my eye.  My initial reaction to the colour, shape, material, and soles often determines if they make my “must have” list or “no thanks, I’ll pass.”  My initial feelings about the Sabrinas London flats after reading Bridgette’s review was “must have.” 

OK, so you’re likely wondering why do you need to be sitting down???

All the stars aligned and the next thing I knew I had my first pair of Sabrinas London flats, or should I say “Non Tory’s”  Shocking right!  OK, you can stand up now!


When I look down at them on my feet they are just as cute as any other pair of flats I own.  The colour, the shape of the toe and the suede material are all perfect.


I was a bit confused about the extreme comfort Bridgette talked about because the soles are not thick and chunky, they are sleek and thin.  After trying them on I quickly realized the         5 mm memory foam sole makes them comfy and the soft suede uppers makes them sturdy and supportive.  They look like cute ballet flats, but they feel like wear a pair of athletic shoes minus the laces


A quick note about the Sabrinas brand.  They are base in Spain but their products are available in the USA and some places in Canada.  (Bridgettes post lists several places where you can find Sabrinas in the USA) 

This was my first customer experience with the Sabrinas brand and I will rate it as excellent.  I normally shop in person for my shoes but these flats made there way to me in a very unique but different way.  Regardless of how they got to me, I’m rating the experience as excellent.

For an overall rating of these flats I will use many of the same words as Bridgette used to describe them in her post.  Supportive, sturdy, structured, stylish and stunning.  (That’s a lot of “S” words)  Maybe it would be easier if I just say Comfy and Cute.

To all women and men that are looking for a great pair of flats, you should seek out a pair of Sabrinas to try for yourself.  I’m giving them 2 thumbs up.




As a side note on comfort of these Sabrinas, I enjoy going for walks so yesterday instead of wearing a pair of sneakers, I worn my Sabrinas for my hour long walk.  It was pure comfort.








My Fall Cardigans from Tory

Fall officially started a month ago but the fall weather in my part of the world started even sooner than that.  But with the cooler weather I’m able to wear my AMAZING Tory sweaters pair with some of my other AMAZING Tory items.

Here’s just a few looks.  Sorry for the short post but please enjoy.

This sweater is from last year but these super cute two toned TB Jolie flats are quite new





Same sweater with my royal tan tumbled leather Revas


Here’s my new Contraire Bomber sweater.



See I told you fall/winter has come early.  That’s snow in this picture.





Tory Burch Jolie flats

Recently a new style of Tory Burch flats showed up on her website.    The style name is Jolie.  After a quick glance they looked to be a slightly different version of her popular Caroline style.  And while they do look similar, they are quite different.  Here is my side by side comparison of the two styles.

TB Jolie on the left and TB Caroline on the right.



Both styles have the elastic band around the foot opening which (for me) adds a feeling of comfort.  


The first thing I noticed was the sole materials.  The Carolines have a leather type sole and the Jolies have a more man made almost plastic type sole.  Both pairs seem to have good traction on all the different surfaces I walk on. 

The foot opening of the Jolies is lower cut than the Carolines.  It’s almost low enough to reveal some toe cleavage.

The Jolies have a slightly tapered toe where the Caroline is more rounded.

The Carolines have the same material for the entire shoe.  It can be leather or patent. The Jolies have a mix of material. Most of the shoe is leather but it has a cute patent top cap.

The Tory medallion on the Carolines is ones she has used for years, the Jolies is a fairly new version of her double “T” logo.

The biggest difference is the colour.  The Carolines are called Camellia Pink which is more of a nude colour.  The Jolies are called Clay Pink which is a soft feminine shade of pink.


When I brought the Jolies home from the Tory Burch boutique I was so excited about this new Tory style.  My excitement soon changed to a feeling of uncertainty because of the colour.  They’re PINK.  I can’t wear PINK.  Thankfully my good friend, pen pal and fellow blogger Carmen assured me that this colour would be fine for me.  She used the reference of a male flamingo.  Male flamingos are pink so why shouldn’t guys feel comfortable wearing pink?   Carmen has been a great supporter of ballet flats being worn by anyone that likes them and the fact these ones are a feminine shade of pink makes them all the more perfect for me.  


For those of you that don’t know Carmen she is a youthful lady with a positive outlook on life.  The kind of person I’m proud to call a friend.

Now convinced that these flats would work for me I took them to the street for my daily adventures and errands.









After several outing I quickly realize how easy this clay pink colour was to wear and pair with my daily wardrobe.  And while the clay pink colour is feminine it’s not real bright like some of  my new patent TB Minnie’s.

Emerald green patent Minnie’s


Chicory blue patent Minnie’s


Super bright white patent Minnie’s



2016 Tory Burch Minnie travel flats update (part 2)

This is going to be a quick Minnie collection update.  Since my last post I’ve only added one more pair of the Minnie’s but they need to be shown.  The best thing about this latest pair is they were already on sale, then 30% more off that.  Let’s just say they were to cheap to pass up.  And as for the colour…according to some experts say “white” is not a colour.  For having no colour these white Minnie’s certainly have a lots of “pop” to them.  Of course they aren’t just white, they’re patent white.  White shoes always have a “pop” or “fab” look to them when they’re new but as they get older they lose there brightness.  Because these are patent I expect they’ll be shiny and white for years and years.


These are my latest pair of TB Minnie travel flats.











2016 TB Minnie flats update

Here we are in the 5th month of 2016!  Where did the time go?  After a seemingly nonexistent Winter in Calgary and a warm Spring spent mostly in Arizona for a total of 5 weeks in March and then again in April, we are also experiencing a warmer than normal Spring in Calgary.  But I’m sure you’re not here for a weather recap of the first 5 months of 2016.  Lets move onto something more fun my friends.  That being my 2016 TB Minnie travel flats collection update.
2016  started off very slow in the flats department.  My first pair wasn’t purchased till March 3rd while on vacation in Arizona.  I tried these Shiraz coloured Minnie’s on last November at the TB Boutique in Scottsdale but passed on them at the time.  There was no way I was going to pass on them this trip.  YAY!  My first pair of Tory’s for 2016.
My next pair you’ve already seen in my last post.  They are the pearlized gold Minnie’s I bought during the first week of my April Arizona vacation.  Again from TB Scottsdale.
Next was a pair I’d had my eye on since I first saw them on the TB website in 2015.  They were the patent Olive coloured Minnie’ s.  These were an on-line item only and never in the TB boutiques.  I was worried the colour might be slightly different  than the picture on the website but had my TB SA order them any ways.  The Olive colour itself is either one you’ll go “ohhh lovely”  or go “OMG I wanna puke!”  When I went to the boutique to pick them up I was happy!  The colour match the website picture perfect.
Feeling my allowable Tory budget for this trip still had plenty room for another pair I looked at a couple other colours that caught my eye.  I liked the patent Emerald green and the patent Chicory blue.  While trying the Chicory blue (baby blue) ones on I looked down at them on my feet then looked to my TB SA and said.  OMG are these ever bright.  I slid the blue one off and tried on the Emerald green.  Sold!
The more I convince myself the Chicory blue ones weren’t a good colour for me, the more I wanted them.  Trying the baby blue coloured Minnie’s on in the boutique had the same feel as wearing pink flats or bright yellow flats.  They scream feminine.  As you likely know I have both a pink pair and a yellow pair of Tory’s.  I guess I can scream away in a blue pair also.
To increase the “fab” factor I paired them with white pants.
This is the entire Minnie collection as of today.
Thanks for reading, have a great day my friends.